Infectious Diseases Medical Clinic

Infectious Diseases Medical Clinic (IDMC) is run by Dr Piotr Chlebicki. Dr Piotr Chlebicki is a infectious diseases specialist who has previously worked as a senior consultant in the Department of Infectious Diseases in SGH and taught medical students from the NUS School of Medicine as well as the Duke-NUS school. Read more about Dr Piotr …

At IDMC we specialize in the treatement of

  • Complicated infections such as HIV and Tuberculosis
  • Infections after surgery, cancer chemotherapy
  • Management of diseases causing prolonged fever.

A list of conditions treated includes:

  • dengue
  • chikungunya
  • respiratory infections
  • sexually transmitted diseases
  • nosocomial infections
  • fever of unkown origin
  • parasitic infections
  • foodborne illnesses
  • fungal infections

Preventive services provided include:

  •  travel medicine advice
  •  antibiotic prophylaxis
  •  vaccinations

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Infectious Diseases Medical Clinic is located in Mount Alvernia Hospital.