Dr. Piotr Chlebicki


Dr Piotr Chlebicki has practiced in Singapore since October 2000. He graduated from Medical Academy of Warsaw (Poland) and completed his Internal Medicine residency training in the USA. He is certified by American Board of Internal Medicine since 1999. His Infectious Diseases specialist training in SGH started in March 2003, just in time to personally experience combating SARS outbreak in Singapore General Hospital. He completed his specialist training in Singapore and was awarded Singapore specialist accreditation in Internal Medicine in 2003 and in Infectious Diseases in 2005. He then received further training in Infectious Diseases at the University of Wisconsin in Madison, USA. After a short period in Changi General Hospital he returned to Singapore General Hospital in 2008 where he practiced initially as consultant and then senior consultant in the Department of Infectious Diseases.

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Professional Interests:

Dr Piotr Chlebicki’s main passion and scientific interest is to optimize antibiotic prescribing in order to improve patients’ outcomes and to combat growing threat of antibiotic resistance. Together with other doctors and pharmacists he participated in the development of antimicrobial stewardship programs in public hospitals in Singapore. He has served on several committees in Singapore General Hospital, SingHealth and Ministry of Health focusing on infection prevention and control as well as antimicrobial resistance. He is an expert in diagnosis and therapy of complicated community and hospital acquired infections and he has been taking care of numerous patients with HIV.

He has also been actively involved in research evaluating optimal treatment of complicated bacterial infections that resulted in more than 40 scientific publications. The results of these scientific projects were presented on several international Infectious Diseases congresses and meetings around the world.

Teaching and Volunteering:

Dr Piotr Chlebicki has enjoyed teaching medical students and junior doctors. Prior to commencing private practice, Dr Chlebicki was an Assistant Professor at the Duke-NUS Medical School. He was also Senior Clinical Lecturer in the School of Medicine, National University of Singapore as well as Clinical Core Faculty Member in SingHealth Infectious Disease Senior Residency Program.

Dr Piotr Chlebicki believes in sharing his knowledge and helping those in need. He participated in care of foreign workers in Healthserve clinic in Geylang. He also delivered multiple lectures on appropriate antibiotic therapy for doctors in Indonesia, Myanmar and Timor Leste.

Previous Positions:

Senior Consultant, Department of Infectious Diseases, Singapore General Hospital

Organization Memberships:

Fellow of the the Chapter of Infectious Disease Physicians of the Singapore College of Physicians.

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