Infectious Disease Specialist Singapore Services

General Description

IDMC provides infectious disease specialist services in Singapore. These include diagnosis and treatment of infections caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites. We treat infections that are rare, potentially serious, complicated, or difficult to diagnose such as Tuberculosis or HIV. We always closely cooperate with your specialist or GP in selecting the diagnostic testing and forms of treatment that are best suited to your needs.

You may also want to see us if you plan to travel to an area with a high risk for infection such as typhoid fever, malaria, yellow fever in order to receive vaccinations or prophylactic medications. We also manage patients with chronic conditions such as HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis.

Examples of Conditions Treated

♦ Infections caused by bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics
♦ Infections that have to be treated with outpatient antibiotic infusion therapy
♦ Post-operative infections
♦ Infections that affect patients with weak immune system
♦ Complicated urinary tract infections
♦ Complicated pneumonia
♦ Complicated skin and wound infections
♦ Bone and joint infections
♦ Device associated infections
♦ Heart valve infections
♦ Fever of unknown origin
♦ Post exposure prophylaxis (animal bite, exposure to HIV)
♦ Pre-international travel evaluations
♦ Illness after travel
♦ Dengue
♦ Malaria and other tropical diseases
♦ Tuberculosis

Travel Medicine

If you plan oversees travel, we will discuss in detail your travel destination in order to determine best way to prevent infections during your trip. We may recommend vaccinations, prophylactic medications and other simple measures to make your upcoming trip as safe as possible.


Vaccinations are most effective way to prevent serious infection. We recommend to all eligible patients to receive vaccinations listed in the Singapore National Adult Immunization Schedule and Clinical Practice Guideline on Adult Vaccination in Singapore.

What to expect when you visit us?

We start from asking questions in order to clarify your symptoms, duration and their severity.  We will also ask staff your past medical problems, medications, allergies and social history as these may also be relevant. This is followed by a physical examination. We may also review your medical records, X-rays and laboratory reports.
We quite often suggest additional blood tests and scans in order to help explain the results of studies that your specialist or GP may already have done.
You may be asked to return for one or multiple follow-up visits to review test results, monitor your treatment and to be sure that your infection has been eliminated. We may need to follow up with you until we feel confident that the infection is under control.

Outpatient Parenteral Antibiotic Therapy – OPAT

IDMC has facilities for antibiotic infusion.