Dr Piotr Chlebicki offers telemedicine consultations. Telemedicine is useful for those who are concerned about the risks of coronavirus (Covid19) while commuting to the appointment, or for those who find it more convenient.

How it Works

The telemedicine consultation is offered through the WhatsDoc app. App download links are available here.
The steps are:

  1. Download the app
  2. Register
  3. Confirm payment info and photo ID
  4. Search for Doctor Piotr
  5. Input some information about the conditon
  6. Enter chat to schedule the appointment
  7. Prepare photos/ information as requested
  8. Have the video/ audio consultation
    1. The actual video and audio are not recorded
  9. Session details receipt is in the app under BioData > E-Docs
  10. Prescription it will be placed under BioData > E-Prescription

Scheduling Appointment

You can schedule the appointment through the app, or call our clinic if you have any questions.


Initial and Followup Video/Audio Consultation

$125 : video/audio chat for 20 minutes with Doctor

Followup Text Chat Consultation

$25: For returning patients who have extra questions, to text based chat with doctor for 20 min


Since Whatsdoc is located in Singapore, it follows the strict Singapore government guidelines on personal data privacy.

About Whatsdoc

Whatsdoc is a owned and operated in Singapore.

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